Arthouse Asia 2019⎢Virtual Reality (line up)

Arthouse Asia is an annual breeding space of independent filmmakers. Over the years independent filmmaking has changed a lot, Asian independent filmmaking market is increasing steadily.

The Past has taught us “United we stand, divide we fall”. Arthouse Asia is an effort to unite worldwide independent filmmakers in a single platform. We know the path is not an easy way but we believe independent filmmaking is the true way of practicing art through filmmaking medium. The studio system is a money generating system, it does not allow experimentation as it always tends to follow the already established monetary model.

So we believe independent filmmaking is the future of filmmaking. (link)


  • Filamu – Maud Clavier (France)
  • Plomo, Journey of a Bullet – Giulia Jimenez (USA)
  • Acrobatic Conundrum – Gary Yost (USA)
  • Disappearance: Hong Kong Stories – Shannon Walsh (Canada, Hong Kong)
  • Journey of Gold – Jenn Duong (USA)
  • Other People’s Trouble – Stanislav Shelestov (Russia)

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