Bogotá Short Film Festival 2019 ⎢ BOGOSHORTS Competencia VR (line up)

Bogotá Short Film Festival 2019 ⎢ BOGOSHORTS Competencia VR (line up)

There are many quality events in South America worth visiting: BOGOSHORTS is among them. With 7 virtual experiences showcased in the BOGOSHORTS Competencia VR, the festival is now fully immersed for its 17th edition.

December, 3-10

BOGOSHORTS Competencia VR: Realidad Virtual (CVR)

  • -22.7°C – Jan Kounen, Molécule, Amaury La Burthe
  • 11.11.18 – Django Schrevens, Sébastien Tixador
  • 2ND STEP – Jörg Courtial
  • CONSCIOUS EXISTENCE – Marc Zimmermann
  • ESCAPE POINT – Béla Baptiste
  • UNDERGROWTH – Geena Gasser, Amon Zucker, Saskia Tomlinson
  • VR FREE – Milad Tangshir
Interview: “Realities come together, whatever the technology” – Gregoire Parain (Novelab)

The competition drives us crazy and that madness makes us great, the one that eliminates the barriers. Nothing more foolish than denying our own nature, no more limiting discourse than that which privileges horizontality ends up stopping us. Nothing more harmful to the cinema than the fear of comparing itself, to compete, to grow thanks to what he learns from others. To believe that we do not need to dialogue with the entire planet to understand ourselves is to promote blindness. We compete and the effort of the race brings out the best and the worst of us, but it never leaves us motionless, and cinema is the art of movement, of moving images.

The 17th edition of BOGOSHORTS drinks from that infinite race of us against us, against the others. Since this year we do not ask ourselves questions, we have to take more risks, we have to make affirmations, and believe them. No matter how oversized our dreams and expectations are. We believe in new talents because while they are new nobody is willing to believe in them. Nothing simpler and more boring than betting on the sure one. We do not build a movement around the short film because it is easy, but because it is difficult. See more

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