Canada and France team up with new XR ventures at Cannes XR (AFXR x Qc/Ca XR)

Canada and France team up with new XR ventures at Cannes XR (AFXR x Qc/Ca XR)

French-speaking countries are getting stronger in the XR creative business, as it was not strong enough before! Two of the most active immersive industries, France and Canada, are gearing up with 2 new associations, AFXR and Qc/Ca XR, which will be close friends on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

New players: AFXR x Qc/Ca XR

3-years old Uni-XR, the french thinktank for the immersive industry, is teaming up with the french AFVR (for French Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality) to create a common player for all creative and producers of immersive contents in the all-new AFXR. Announced in Laval Virtual last march, it aim to play a more active role to connect France’s creative with all french-speaking countries.


Especially Quebec, which also works on gathering their troops with Québec/Canada XR (Qc/Ca XR), an association from Xn Québec, the Phi Centre, MUTEK, Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), and Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM), backed up by the Canada Council for the Arts and the government of Quebec.

Our proposals include: creating a methodology charter for the development of XR works; organizing events to bring industry professionals together and encourage collaboration; defining an ethics program; implementing a monitoring program to collect and centralize information about the industry; providing training; developing clear evaluation tools; establishing advocacy groups to defend the sector’s interests; and creating a matrix to collect information about every XR experience to ascertain what works and what doesn’t in this particular sector.

AFXR and QCXR will work closely to keep the french-speaking productions at high level. Productions from both countries were selected in the main artistic festivals around the world.

7 Lives Tribeca 2019 Immersive April

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