13th River Film Festival – College Virtual Reality

The River Film Festival reaches its thirteenth edition with an eclectic and rich program dedicated to new trends in international short films: 150 cinematographic works from over 40 countries will illuminate the Paduan summer, offering the city the opportunity to discover new interesting young authors.

The Virtual Reality section at #RiFF19

The new Virtual Reality section joins the River College Virtual Reality, a three-year project on VR created by the Association Researching Movie.

The VR competition of #RiFF19 will take place from the 15th of June to the 22nd, from 6PM to 9PM, at Propileo Porta Portello and will present 9 VR short experiences that will take us on a journey to the border between virtual reality and real virtuality.


  • SENEGAL DETOUR Stefano Sburlati / Italy, 2019 / 10 min.
  • RONE Lester Francois / Australia, 2018 / 8 min.
  • RAIN OR SHINE Samia Ahmed & Felix Massie / UK, 2018 / 5 min.
  • OVERLOOKED Carlos Oceguera / Canada, 2018 / 9 min.
  • FLUCHTPUNKT Béla Baptiste / Austria, 2018 / 6 min.
  • PARIS TERROR THE HOSTAGES FROM HYPER CACHER Ricarda Saleh / Germany, 2018 / 12 min.
  • THE SUN LADIES Christian Stephen & Celine Tricart / United States, 2018 / 6 min.
  • OF THE TOTALITY OF SPACE Elisa Zurlo / Italy, 2019 / 5 min.
  • HERMITAGE Mikhail Antikhov / Russia, 2018 / 25 min.

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