Hacking XR – Future applications: VR meets AI

The Hacking XR Speaker Series is offered in Spring 2019, in conjunction with the MIT class Hacking XR: VR and Immersive Media Production (CMS.339/839), and the MIT Open Documentary Lab.

Is VR just a tool for entertainment? How does interaction, innovation and magic converge to create original works? Recent trends have been experimenting with AI to create seemingness interactions with virtual characters. The recent work Wolves in the Walls has been heralded as a hallmark moment for immersive and interactive storytelling.

As co-founder of FABLE, Pete Billington has explored how interaction, innovation and magic converge to create original works. His years spent working with, and learning from, the most progressive and technically daring filmmakers of our time have led him to virtual reality. In his recent work Wolves in the Walls, the director, writer, artist, and immersive storyteller explores how to emotionally bond with the audience through interaction, AI innovation, and a little fable magic.

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