SXSW / Coming to a Theater Near You: Location-Based VR

From magical, unfamiliar lands to fan favorite blockbuster franchises to competitive combat games, location-based VR experiences are taking many forms. As retail locations offering these experiences spring up in the US and beyond at an increasing rate, and more venture funding flows in to support further expansion, what content will prove to be king? The pressure is on to create immersive experiences that stick with audiences and eclipse rates of lagging in-home VR engagement. This panel will provide a high-level view of how players in the emerging Location-based VR space are shaping their content philosophies to fuel their scale, from franchised IP to original experiences to games.

  • Jenni Cook (Head of Production, Dreamscape Immersive)
  • Nathan Brown (CEO/ Co-founder, Tomorrow Never Knows)
  • Shane Robinson (Director of Operations, Wevr)
  • Moderator: John Canning (Exec Producer, Digital Domain)

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