Verzió Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2019 – Vektor VR

“How dare you?” — demanded Greta Thunberg at the UN summit, tears in her eyes as she questioned the older generation’s inability to see and act on a threatening, global climate catastrophe. The video went viral upon release. The reaction to the video gave witness to the urgency of her question; the dramatic split of opinions followed by a distressing wave of aggressive and hateful comments, and a growing intolerance towards the views that challenge one’s comfort and status quo. How indeed is it possible to continue to deny the sheer magnitude of the problems facing humankind? The answer is not simple; beyond sheer ignorance or indifference there is the challenge of grasping the nature of systemic injustice, global profiteering, social irresponsibility, and appreciating the global impact of local actions. What makes abstract concepts visible, comprehensible, palpable? What could possibly cut through the layers of disinformation, manipulation, consumerist sugarcoating fogging people’s vision — what will inspire a search for solutions rather than withdrawal into their private comfort zone? In the age of virtual networks and social bubbles, which outside sources can be trusted?

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