HTC VIVE and VIVE Studios are bringing you the very first feature-length film in VR with 7 MIRACLES, a stunningly immersive adaptation of the seven miracles of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John. By combining award-winning storytelling with unparalleled filming technologies and immersive viewing experiences, 7 Miracles promises to deliver the next generation of feature films.

7 MIRACLEW recreates the seven miracles performed by Jesus Christ based on the Gospel of John in virtual reality. The seven-part 360-degree experience immerses and connects the audience in these storied events like never before. Harnessing the latest capture in virtual reality technology, the film was created using photogrammetry and volumetric video capture, producing images in 8K with additional scenes built in 3D.



“This is Breton’s project, one he hopes will expand the content ecosystem and push the envelope of what can be achieved through immersive storytelling.” (

“Perhaps the most interesting side of the experience, though was a full VR rendition of the resurrection scene, captured using photogrammetry.” (


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