BATTLESCAR follows a year in the life of Lupe, a Puerto Rican-American living in late 1970’s New York City.

The film utilises Lupe’s handwritten journal to guide us through her experiences spanning across the year 1978 as she meets Debbie, another runaway kid living in the city.

Battle Scar VR - Rosario Dawson


“BATTLESCAR has a polish and confidence that would have been hard to find in VR a year or two ago.” (

“It’s very cool and impressively imagined in spite of the lack of interactivity one tends to expect from room-scale VR.” (

“(…) the piece is noteworthy for its playful manipulation of scale, shrinking and expanding the size of the characters, and our camera angles vis-à-vis their placement on-screen” (

“It’s an interesting and very well-imagined technique and the casting of Rosario Dawson for voice work was the perfect decision.” (

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