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From the director of Madagascar, INVASION! (Tribeca 2016), and ASTEROIDS!  (Sundance 2017) comes Baobab Studio’s latest visionary VR animation. The carefree forest animals imagine spring will last forever. However, winter comes and the animals soon realize that their lives are in danger. What they need is a hero; what they need is CROW: THE LEGEND. 

Crow: The Legend VR


“While some of its humor falls a bit flat and rests on some older cartoon tropes, it’s an interesting and prescient look at how kid-focused VR content could one day take form as studios begin to specifically target children (…)” (

“The experience, which is Oculus’ most ambitious project to date, gives you an active role to play as the story unfolds around you.” (

“When you experience it in VR, you follow Crow beyond meteors singing like prima donnas in an opera and come face-to-face with that all-powerful Oprah bug.” (

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