Overcome impossible odds and survive certain death scenarios in the undercover spy thriller that VR has been waiting for. You’ll need every advanced weapon, cutting-edge technology, and deceptive tactic in your arsenal. Good luck, agent.



“What Defector does is take that core concept of being an action hero and layer it with heaps of espionage and branching missions.” (uploadvr.com)

“Well, within five minutes I had physically coerced the arms dealer into divulging what he knew by threatening to rip his face off via explosive decompression, pistol whipped him unconscious, strapped him into a parachute with the help of a double agent, thrown his limp body out of said plane, and engaged in a furious first-person gun battle with a dozen or so very large, very angry and very well armed private security personnel aboard an aircraft that was now on fire.” (engadget.com)

“This new Oculus VR game is a cross between James Bond and The Fast and the Furious”  (theverge.com)

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