EVEN IN THE RAIN is a virtual reality memoir about Guillaume Ngbowesse, a Muslim man caught in the sectarian civil war in the Central African Republic.

In EVEN IN THE RAIN, Guillaume dissects his identity as a Muslim and the tense coexistence of revenge and forgiveness through selectively re-enacted moments from his life. This re-embodied exploration of the consolidation of memory creates a canvas for both a new interpretation of the past and a reimagining of the self. 

EVEN IN THE RAIN is at the center of a social psychology study, funded by Google and the University of Cambridge, to explore the efficacy of VR to reduce prejudice towards the Muslim minority Central African Republic.

Even In The Rain VR


“A self-enacted memoir, the film aims to reduce prejudice towards Muslims by connecting its audience to Ngbowesse’s narrative.” (kings.cam.ac.uk)

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