In a dark expanse that could be the cosmos, we hear the voice of Arthur C. Clarke, whose face – taken from a BBC archive dating back to the 1960s – appears in the distance in I SAW THE FUTURE.

His features quickly dematerialize into a multitude of shimmering pixels, creating an enveloping and immersive space out of which the thoughts of the famed author of 2001: A Space Odyssey emerge.

At the heart of this spectral environment, and with a magnetic voice sending us back to the time of cathode ray tubes and the golden age of television broadcasting, A C. Clarke tells us about the arrival of digital revolution, decades ahead of his time.

This film is an invitation to travel, and a crepuscular form of poetry to be experienced immersively.

I Saw The Future VR


“(…) les visions d’Arthur C. Clarke s’intègrent avec la vidéo 360, proposant un étonnant voyage dans le temps.” (

“(…) grossir, déformer, détourner, décomposer le visage de l’auteur jusqu’à donner l’impression au spectateur de rentrer à l’intérieur de sa tête au fur et à mesure qu’il égrène ses visions d’un monde où la notion de distance serait totalement abolie par les réseaux.” (

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