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Dive into the heart of a black hole and uncover the hidden songs of the cosmos. In the interactive VR experience SPHERES, the breakthrough discovery of gravitational waves transforms how we see the Universe. Fall into the darkness, and you will find the light.


Millie Bobby Brown – Chorus of the Cosmos
Jessica Chastain – Songs of Spacetime
Patti Smith – Pale Blue Dot

Spheres VR


“It might even show that 360-degree immersive films will one day be as big a part of festivals as movies themselves.” (

“(…) a freakily cosmic three-part VR series that reinvents the medieval concept of the music of the spheres. The spectator floats through space, and planets and heavenly bodies loom up hugely.” (

“The solar system becomes an instrument of sounds through which the viewer can play and listen to the planets sing.” (

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