Interview⎢”The limits are being stepped over all the time” – Jorge Tereso & Fernando Maldonado (Gloomy Eyes)

Interview⎢”The limits are being stepped over all the time” – Jorge Tereso & Fernando Maldonado (Gloomy Eyes)

THE PAST – Sharing values

Jorge Tereso & Fernando Maldonado – We’re Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado, directors from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’ve worked for the advertising and entertainment industry for many years and that has trained us in all kinds of ways. Around 2012 we decided we wanted to create our own content. Share ideas that have value and that can convey an emotional message. Immersive content is in its best moment for that, the need for quality content is huge and people are very open to seeing new forms of narration.

Working on GLOOMY EYES with AtlasV has been great, they are one of the strongest players in the VR industry and that opened many doors for us. They have the experience that we needed to make our project evolve in every possible level.

THE PRESENT – Inviting the audience to watch

Jorge Tereso & Fernando Maldonado – When you do realtime VR you give control of the camera to the spectator. So the point of view needs to be suggested. We made sure there was always 1 point of view in GLOOMY EYES that was the best for each scene and that it was inviting. Then we worked on alternative points of view as well, making sure animation and lighting still looked good. Although honestly, to this day we’re amazed by what people discover when they watch the experience. They help create the experience with their creativity moving around.

In terms of composition we worked with Tilt Brush and blocks to figure out the the environments for each scene. It’s so much better to have a real feel of what the shapes are going to be inside VR directly.

From the beginning we loved the idea to give freedom to the audience inside the experience. That’s the best thing about realtime VR, you get to move inside the 3d worlds. Unlike a 360 video, where you can only rotate your head. The freedom to move gives you a very different feeling while experiencing the story. You choose what you see and that creates your own subjective version of the story.

Gloomy Eyes - VR

The limits are being stepped over all the time. Yesterday we tried an experience THE VOID, it blew our minds one more time. We got to run inside a VR experience, that opens a whole new door for the things you can do. There’s a very wide spectrum of things being created by very talented people. Exciting years ahead of us. Multiplayer is a big jump too. Seeing your friends inside the virtual world humanizes something that is otherwise a bit too cold and techy.

THE FUTURE – After Sundance

Jorge Tereso & Fernando Maldonado – We want to show our experiment to everyone and see what happens. Meet amazing talented people and party a lot 🙂

Gloomy Eyes is produced by ATLAS V, 3dar and co-produced by RYOT, Arte, and HTC Vive with support of the CNC, Unity and Rhones-Alpes Cinéma.

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