New Images 2019⎪VR Competition (line-up)

New Images 2019⎪VR Competition (line-up)

New Images, the main event for new media & storytelling in France, from VR to interactive cinema (link), comes back in June (19-23) for its 2nd edition. And renewed ambitions! International speakers and more prizes for the VR Competition, it will be exciting to be in Paris in few weeks to catch-up on the last innovations with a A-list of creators and studios.

New Images 2019 Forum Paris

New Images 2019 – VR Competition

New formats of reality – whether virtual (VR) or augmented (AR) – are reinventing the art of film-making through the prism of technology. More than storytelling, it’s a fully immersive experience!

Gloomy Eyes - VR Sundance 2019
GLOOMY EYES by Jorge Tereso & Fernando Maldonado

Speakers & guests

  • Vicki Dobbs Beck (ILMxLAB)
  • René Pinnell (Kaleidoscope)
  • Kristine Severson, (Viveport – HTC Vive)
  • Michael Masukawa (Secret Location)
  • (more to be announced)

UK-FR Museum and Cultural Venues VR Forum

NewImages and Innovation & Culture Club CLIC France launch a Forum focused on VR in museums and cultural venues. (more)

Mechanical Souls VR SXSW Sundance

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