Review: -22.7°C (Molecule, Jan Kounen & Amaury La Burthe)

Review: -22.7°C (Molecule, Jan Kounen & Amaury La Burthe)

Seen at New Images 2019 – Have you ever felt preliminaries were too long, and pleasure time way too short? That’s how I felt watching -22.7°C.

-22,7° - Novelab France production company

This film promises to give a great musical experience, as it has been requested by DJ Molecule himself. I was hoping to have a hypnotic, almost a trance sound experience and a visual surprise revealing the far north.

As I am a music lover, and that the film has been strongly promoted I had a lot of expectations. There’s three layers:

  • The 360 video documentary showing grand north, and how Molecule captures the sounds to create his masterpieces
  • The musical interactive trip that allows you to play few notes
  • The imaginary hypnotic parts in CGI.

On the documentary side: The 360 video isn’t so great. They choose stereoscopy, it takes away quality and isn’t so palpable, they could have done a better monoscopy shooting. Also, as the landscape is all white, pixels of the headset are visible. And when the voice over starts explaining the trip, we are taken away from the narrative itself because this is the “interactive sound part”.

This “interactive sound part” allows us to point with our controller “notes zones”. But only four, and you can’t hold on one, stop another. So this is really small interactivity that would have an interest with way grander freedom in music composing! Like the Sigur Ros experience on Magic Leap. Disappointing.

Same on the visual hypotonic parts in CGI, they aren’t so well scripted so we don’t get the point. I wouldn’t mind if it was really sensory. But it is not, here again we have four sound zone and that’s it. Even though there is a try on the visual effect that accompany this interactive part.

We come back to a 360° view afterwards that is painful for the eyes, after seeing those well done CGI images.

Finally when the final sequence arrives, with this incredible music called Sila from Molécule, with the possibility to draw your aurora beaurale I felt like YES! FINALY! This is what I exacly expected! And then the film is over. How sad.

That was so frustrating but to comfort myself I listen to the song Sila over and over. 

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