Review: GLOOMY EYES (Jorge Tereso, Fernando Maldonado)

Review: GLOOMY EYES (Jorge Tereso, Fernando Maldonado)

Seen at New Images 2019 – GLOOMY EYES (link) is definitely one of the most beautiful VR animations I have ever seen! I really like the “dollhouse” system around which we can turn, approach and observe. The BATTLESCAR film from the same production company (Atlas V) already used this system, but here the level increased graphically.

Gloomy Eyes - VR Sundance 2019 Annecy XR
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In a world without light where zombies reign, a love story emerges between a zombie child and a human girl. The film presents more of a universe than a real story.

But I was very pleasantly surprised by the notion of space and scenography. When we look at a scene in front of us, which only takes a part of the VR sphere, a character crosses a space and suddenly another set lights up and lets us perceive its microcosm. In GLOOMY EYES all the movements and transitions have been carefully thought out, it’s never unpleasant, and head movements are smooth.

The artistic direction is strong and very special, the characters are well made, the colors carefully chosen, it seems to have been subtly thought out and realized.

I loved it and I’m waiting to see if the rest of this series will be stronger in terms of narration, or if it will continue to be a graphic trip, which I already appreciate very much.

Gloomy Eyes - VR
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