Review: MECHANICAL SOULS (Gaelle Mourre)

Review: MECHANICAL SOULS (Gaelle Mourre)

Seen at New Images 2019 – We are a group of 5 people waiting for this experience, and starting to get to know each other. A lady tells us it’s our turn, she leads us to a small room where an actor, having the role of the android talks to us.

The two actors tells us our role here, and why we must watch a 360 cinematic film to find out a clue to a problem.

Mechanical Souls

A very cinematic 360 film shot in Taiwan follows, MECHANICAL SOULS (link) tells the story of two families preparing a wedding, renting human androids as wedding witnesses.

The film is really well shot, the acting is credible and the story is classic, but the situation is captivating.

When each of us takes the headset off, the two actors ask us what we saw. We understand that we haven’t exactly saw the same 360° shot, and we need to tell each other what we saw to solve the clew.

This project is supposed to continue as a series, so this episode is an introduction. And it feels like the potential of the idea hasn’t been fully explored.

But the installation itself, to gamify the before and the after, is a really great idea! And to have a well done cinematic VR is delightful, as it is rare. For a 360 believer like me that was a relief! I should also mention that the sound work was well done, I challenged the spatialization by moving all around but this hasn’t been neglected.

I would definitely say that this is a very well done experience, original and innovative, just missing a strong narrative but it might be resolved in the future episodes. If you can experience it, run for it!

Mechanical Souls VR SXSW Sundance
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