Sundance New Frontier 2019: what’s hot!

Sundance New Frontier 2019: what’s hot!

What’s trending in Park City? Except for snow, we looked for the main topics of this year interactive event New Frontier, at Sundance 2019: a press review.

February, 9th

Sundance VR: The 2019 Festival Showed That the Future Is Not Passive Viewing (

February, 7th

The New Pioneers (@tonyparisi)

The best VR and AR of the Sundance Film Festival (

February, 5th

Sundance 2019: the empathy of virtual reality (

February, 2nd

VR Still Lacks Its ‘Jazz Singer,’ a Game-Changing Breakthrough — Sundance (

February, 1st

Sundance Film Festival’s ‘New Frontier’ tells immersive stories (

January, 31th

Sundance Film Festival 2019: 3 Hot Emerging Tech Trends To Watch (

Sundance 2019 Dispatch: New Frontier Continues to Impress with VR, AR, and More (

January, 30th

Augmented reality to grow into trillion dollar industry, Sundance panel hears (

‘Gloomy Eyes’ Is A Dark, But Gorgeous VR Animation With A Ton Of Heart (

VR Documentary Highlights The Struggles Of African Americans During The Jim Crow Era (

January, 29th

At Sundance, Virtual Reality Filmmakers Are Evolving Beyond VR (

​​VR, AI & Machine Learning: How Sundance filmmakers are experimenting with new formats (

Funding Network Kaleidoscope Relaunches At Sundance Film Festival (

Poppy Makes You Question Reality In RYOT’s Latest AR Piece (

January, 28th

Disney greenlights ‘top secret’ VR short film project (

VR Cameras Now on International Space Station to Capture Space Walks & Missions (


January, 27th

Eating Real Food In VR With Marshmallow Laser Feast’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ (

January, 26th

Oculus Debuts Two VR Experiences at Sundance, One is an Oculus Quest Title (

At Sundance, VR explores America’s legacy of racism and… Eminem (

TIME and Felix & Paul Studios to Produce Historic Virtual Reality Series on the International Space Station (

January, 25th

New Frontier at Sundance showcases high-tech art (

VR Documentary ‘Traveling While Black’ Debuts at Sundance (

Teek Mach’s Grisaille To Be Performed at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival as Part of the New Frontier Section (

Roger Ross Williams’ VR Doc ‘Traveling While Black’ Debuts at Sundance (

EMBODY Brings Cooperative VR Well-Being To Sundance (

This Week In XR: Back From The Dead, Is 2019 VR’s Big Year, AI Character Stars At Sundance (

Poppy Shares Details On New Single ‘Voicemail,’ WWE Collaboration, AR Experience At Sundance & More (

Dunlevy at Sundance: Felix and Paul join Eminem on VR ride through Detroit (

Oculus Quest Experience ‘The Under Presents’ Debuts at Sundance 2019 (

January, 24th

Colin Farrell Boards Sundance-Bound VR Series ‘Gloomy Eyes’ (EXCLUSIVE) (

At Sundance’s New Frontier, VR and AR are poised to go epic and weird (

VR studio Fable relaunches as AI-based virtual beings company at Sundance (

Sundance 2019: VR Trailblazers Fable Relaunching with New Focus on Virtual Beings (

20 Films and VR Works to Anticipate at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival (

January, 23rd

Poppy to Star in Augmented Reality Experience ‘A Jester’s Tale,’ Premiering at Sundance 2019: Exclusive (

Six significant virtual reality works from Sundance’s New Frontier line-up (

A New Home For New Frontiers Sundance Programming (

Sundance 2019: Exclusive Trailer for VR Experience EMERGENCE (

January, 22nd

Sundance’s New Frontier offerings test boundaries of new technology (

Sundance Film Festival preview: creating dialogue through storytelling disciplines (

Sundance 2019: Embody Tracks Movement To Center The Body (

Watch the Trailer for Felix & Paul Studios’ New Eminem VR Doc ‘Marshall From Detroit’ (EXCLUSIVE) (

January, 21th

Interview ⎢”exploring a technological format that could affect the content” Gaelle Mourre (Mechanical Souls) (

January, 19th

VR Marries AI In ‘Mechanical Souls’ At Sundance (

January, 18th

Soaking up Sundance: Canadian creators are Utah-bound (

Emmy Award®-Winning Immersive Content Studio RYOT Premieres Slate Of XR Projects At 2019 Sundance Film Festival (

January, 17th

Universal Everything to debut VR experience at Sundance Film Festival (

January, 11th

‘When you don’t know the rules, you end up breaking them’ (about Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Ja Riya Hoon (GKJKLJRH) –

December, 11th

An Inside Look At The Edgy VR Slate For Sundance Film Festival 2019 (

December, 6th

Sundance 2018 New Frontier Further Pushes Into Future Entertainment With Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence (

Felix & Paul Studios Among Those Chosen For Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier Exhibition (

2018 Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier: Crossroads of Film, Art and Technology (

Eminem, Volumetric VR And More Lead Sundance’s 2019 New Frontier Line-Up (

December, 5th

Sundance Film Festival Expands VR Programming, Unveils New Frontier Lineup (

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