Sundance New Frontier 2020: What’s hot!

Sundance New Frontier 2020: What’s hot!

This is the first main immersive event of the year (see our articles): NEW FRONTIER will open its doors on the 23rd. A lot to watch between the performances, exhibitions and VR cinemas. And this year, it’s happening all around the US with “a nationwide “fugitive newscast” accessed at various sites around the festival, as well as at 11 art house theatres”. See more

What was hot in 2019

A media coverage: Sundance New Frontier 2020

Sundance New Frontier 2020 - Solastalgia

January, 14

South African 360° Virtual Reality Documentary selected for Sundance (link)

BWW Interview: Artist Miwa Matreyek Talks INFINITELY YOURS (link)

Randall Okita’s The Book of Distance , Sandra Rodriguez’s Chomsky vs. Chomsky: First Encounter and Christopher Auchter’s Now Is the Time showcased at Sundance Film Festival (link)

January, 8

Unity Previews Immersive Art Experiences for Mobile AR, Magic Leap One, & HoloLens at Upcoming Sundance Festival (link)

December, 23

The Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier is Coming to Dallas (link)

December, 17

South African virtual reality documentary selected for Sundance Film Festival (link)

First for SA as VR film selected for Sundance Festival (link)

December, 16

Sundance Institute announces New Frontier selections for 2020 film festival (link)

December, 13

2020 Sundance Film Festival: New Frontier Lineup Announced (link)

Still Here, an immersive multimedia installation by Emmy-nominated, storytelling and innovation studio Al Jazeera Contrast to premiere at Sundance Film Festival (link)

December, 12

Sundance 2020 Reveals New Frontier Slate, Including Films and VR Experiences (link)

Sundance: 2020 New Frontier Program Features Underwater VR, Chomsky A.I. (link)

Sundance Announces 2020 Festival New Frontier Selection (link)

Sundance Unveils New Frontier Lineup (link)

Sundance 2020 Reveals New Frontier Lineup (link)

Sundance Film Festival Announces New Frontier Lineup For 2020 (link)

Sundance Adds Simulated Hallucinogenic Trip and AI Noam Chomsky to New Frontier Lineup (link)

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