South by Southwest – SXSW 2020 ⎢ Virtual Cinema (line up) CANCELED

South by Southwest – SXSW 2020 ⎢ Virtual Cinema (line up) CANCELED

A music festival now a unique venue of cinema, conferences, media (and bbq) SXSW has grown since 1987 and welcomes immersive storytelling for a while now. If Interactive is a large part of its program, between conferences and showcases, the Virtual Cinema (link) is now a definite destination for creators. Here are SXSW 2020 ‘s selected experiences. See more

March, 13-22

SXSW 2020 - Virtual Cinema

SXSW 2020 – Virtual Cinema

  • AFTER THE FALLOUT (Switzerland, U.S.) – Sam Wolson, Dominic Nahr
  • CODA – Graham Parkes, Oliver Lewin, Will Hellwarth, Bela Messex
  • CORPUS MISTY (Germany) – Aubrey Heichemer
  • THE CURIOUS LIFE OF BILL MONT – Katrina Sorrentino, Andrea Patiño Contreras
  • DIMENSION X: DINOSAURS (United Kingdom) – Dani Parr
  • DIMENSION X: ROBOTS (United Kingdom) – Dani Parr
  • ETERNAL RETURN (Sweden, United Kingdom) – Matthew Shaw, Martina Seitl
  • FERENJ: A GRAPHIC MEMOIR IN VR – Ainslee Alem Robson
  • FRAGMENTS (France, United Kingdom, U.S.) – Aaron Bradbury
  • GR8NESS (Kenya) – Michael Ilako, Isa Paul Mohamed
  • HIRAETH – Virginia Galloway
  • HYPHA (Chile) – Natalia Cabrera
  • THE LAST LIGHT – Jeremy Vanhoozer
  • LIVING DISTANCE (China, U.S.) – Xin Liu
  • LOOK AT ME (Taiwan) – He Wei-Ting
  • NINE VR: COME SEE ME (Korea, Republic of) – Minhyuk Che
  • ODYSSEY 1.4.9 (France) – François Vautier
  • PAGAN PEAK VR (Germany) – Ioulia Isserlis, Max Sacker
  • PERSUASION MACHINES – Karim Amer, Guvenc Ozel
  • REGGIEVERSE – Reggie Watts
  • SECRET GARDEN – Stephanie Dinkins
  • A SONG WITHIN US (France) – Fangas Nayaw
  • SUPERHUMAN AR BY NCT 127 – Jinooya Makes
  • A UNIQUE JOURNEY TO NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS (France) – Mélanie de Riberolles

The Virtual Cinema section of the Film Festival continues to grow, showcasing the newest and most cutting-edge XR work. SXSW resides at the intersection of film and technology, and there is no better place to present this innovative format. The 27 projects emphasize storytelling, ingenuity and also showcase how other industries are embracing this new medium. 

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