Tacoma Film Festival ⎪ The Veldt (line up)

Tacoma Film Festival ⎪ The Veldt (line up)

(Tacoma Film Festival was) inspired by Ray Bradbury’s classic 1950 story of two children who explore the mystery of a virtual African plain, Bradbury foresaw that entertainment technology could hold both amazing promise and unforeseen consequences. 

As a festival obsessed with the interaction of stories, perspectives, and media, they want VR at TFF to evoke the wonder and anxiety that Bradbury captured over 65 years ago. (more)

Tacoma Film Festival VR

The Veldt @ Tacoma Film Festival

TFF celebrates excellence in the art of film, offering a lively and empowering network of resources in service to our city, the Pacific Northwest, and the independent film world.

Established in 2006, the Tacoma Film Festival has developed from small regional festival to a welcoming, interactive haven for regional and international filmmakers, industry professionals, students, fans, critics, and creative entrepreneurs.

TFF centers artists and their stories, honoring the contributions of filmmakers as leaders, and building community from a foundation of diverse perspectives and shared stories.

Festival guests from around the world make for a rich networking and collaborative space where new projects are born and inspiration for future work grows. 

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