LA Film Festival 2018⎢The Portal (line up)

LA Film Festival 2018⎢The Portal (line up)

There is a new thing in town, and it’s The Portal! For its 2018’s edition, the LA Film Festival is launching a new showcase for VR and immersive experiences: The Portal (link), September 22-23 at Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television in Playa Vista, CA. And it’s all free!

If modern pop culture depictions of early cinema are to be believed, moviegoing at the dawn of the 20th century was approximately 99% screaming and jumping out of the way of black-and-white locomotives as they barreled headlong toward you onscreen. A century later, it’s easy to laugh at these old timey audiences for their apparent lack of cognitive sophistication in processing the moving image. Never mind the fact that we’re currently experiencing an equally jarring—and thrilling—leap forward in visual storytelling. (link)

The Portal – VR & Immersive Showcase

  • 1000 Cut Journey – USA (Courtney Cogburn, Elise Ogle)
  • Age of Sail – USA (John Kahrs)
  • Arden’s Wake: Expanded – USA (Eugene Chung)
  • Awavena – USA/Brazil/Australia (Lynette Wallworth)
  • BattleScar – USA/France (Martín Allais, Nico Casavecchia)
  • Biidaaban: First Light – CANADA (Lisa Jackson)
  • Crow: The Legend – USA (Eric Darnell)
  • Dinner Party – USA (Angel Manuel Soto)
  • Geomancer – UK (Lawrence Lek)
  • Queerskins – USA (Illya Szilak, Cyril Tsiboulski)
  • Space Explorers: A New Dawn (Ep.1) and Taking Flight (Ep. 2) – Canada/USA (Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël)
  • Terminal 3 – USA (Asad J. Malik)
  • Vestige – USA/UK/France (Aaron Bradbury)
  • Zikr: A Sufi Revival – USA (Gabo Arora)

Vestige VR

LA Film Festival – 360 Documentary Cinema

  • Free Solo – USA (Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin)
  • Into the Now ­– USA (Michael Muller)
  • Sun Ladies – USA (Christian Stephen, Celine Tricart)
  • This is Climate Change: Fire – USA (Danfung Dennis, Eric Strauss)

The Sun Ladies - VR - The Portal

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