Tribeca Film Festival 2019 ⎢Tribeca Immersive (line up)

Tribeca Film Festival 2019 ⎢Tribeca Immersive (line up)

Get ready for a HUGE rendez-vous at Tribeca 2019 with an exceptional line-up featuring the best XR creators of the year.

The Tribeca Film Festival, presented by AT&T, announced today that Tribeca Immersive, which leads as an incubator for innovation and is a global stage where top VR creators choose to debut their latest work, will showcase more than 30 cinematic and cutting-edge virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality experiences by top artists who push the boundaries of storytelling with technology. Tribeca Immersive encompasses two events that run the duration of the Festival, Virtual Arcade, presented by AT&T, and Tribeca Cinema360. The Tribeca Film Festival takes place from April 24 to May 5. (link)

Check the Tribeca Film Festival list of XR experiences at


  • 2nd Civil War (World Premiere) – USA – Kevin Cornish
  • 7 Lives (World Premiere) – Luxembourg, France, Belgium – Charles Ayats, Sabrina Calvo, Jan Kounen
  • Ayahuasca (World Premiere) – France, Luxembourg, Belgium – Jan Kounen
  • Bonfire (World Premiere) – USA – Eric Darnell, Baobab Studios
  • Cave (US Premiere) – USA – Ken Perlin, Kris Layng, Sebastian Herscher
  • Children Do Not Play War (World Premiere) – Uganda, Brazil, USA – Fabiano Mixo
  • Common Ground (World Premiere) – UK – Darren Emerson
  • Doctor Who: The Runaway (World Premiere) – UK – BBC / Passion Animation Studios – Mathias Chelebourg
  • A Drop in the Ocean (World Premiere) – UK, France, USA – Adam May, Chris Campkin, Chris Parks
  • Ello (World Premiere) – China – Hadoan Su
  • Gymnasia (World Premiere) – Canada – Clyde Henry Productions
  • Into the Light (New York Premiere) – USA – Jessica Brillhart, Igal Nassima
  • Stealing Ur Feelings (World Premiere) – USA – Noah Levenson
  • Unceded Territories (World Premiere) – Canada/USA – Paisley Smith and Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
  • War Remains (World Premiere) – USA – Dan Carlin, MWM Immersive
  • Where There’s Smoke (World Premiere) – USA – Lance Weiler
  • Wolves in the Walls: It’s All Over (World Premiere) – USA – Pete Billington, Jessica Yaffa Shamash
Wolves In The Wall


  • Another Dream (حلم آخر(World Premiere) – Netherlands, USA, Egypt – Tamara Shogaolu, Ado Ato Pictures
  • The Collider (North American Premiere) – UK – Anagram
  • Future Dreaming (World Premiere) – Australia – Sutu
  • The Key (World Premiere) – USA, Iraq – Celine Tricart
  • Traitor (World Premiere) – UK – Pilot Theatre, Lucy Hammond


Change is Gonna Come

Go Team!

  • 11.11.18 (World Premiere) – Belgium, France – Sébastien Tixador et Django Schreven – our interview
  • Space Buddies (World Premiere) – USA – Matt Jenkins, Ethan Shaftel
  • Mr. Buddha (董仔的人(International Premiere) – Taiwan R.O.C. – HTC Corporation, Lee Chung

Her Truth, Her Power

  • Mercy (New York Premiere) – USA, Cameroon – Armando Kirwin
  • Girl Icon (New York Premiere) – USA, India – Sadah Espii Proctor
  • Children Do Not Play War (World Premiere) – Uganda, Brazil, USA – Fabiano Mixo

Such Sweet Sorrow

11.11.18 VR
11.11.18 – Our Interview
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