To follow: a Twitter list of +730 XR influencers (VR,AR,MR…)

To follow: a Twitter list of +730 XR influencers (VR,AR,MR…)

In a connected world, the XR community is small but everywhere. Social networks and private groups are used to share news and events. Not the fear of missing something, but certainly the idea of a real community behind virtual worlds: this is not a fantasy. In our field, XR influencers are real (see here), and not only the ones you could think of!

In the eyes of the animal - VR
This is VR Arles again! (not related but great pic)

After a year (happy us!) of activities and social posts, we gathered the most influencial/connected people who came across our Twitter radar. As it is a network of speed and live messages, as well as discussion, it’s the right way to discover new influencers and trends during professionals events such as festivals, meet-up or keynote.

If you’re not in, tell us on Twitter! Follow XRMust or TheXRDb.

XR Influencers – 2019’s Twitter list

Twitter List - Influencers XR VR AR
Follow the link – VR/AR Influencers

We only registered professionals accounts of people there. For companies and association, please follow this link.

For others great Twitter lists in the immersive industry, please follow:

And the list goes on..

influencer // someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave, for example through their use of social media (link)

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