XR Awards 2018 – Your best experiences

XR Awards 2018 – Your best experiences

Just few days left in 2018, and we’re already contemplating the last months as the ones were we enjoyed the best immersive experiences and interactive hardware of our time. And it’s just the beginning!

Before 2019 and so many exciting innovations and storytellings to tell, here are you choices for 2018’s best immersive experiences: your very XR Awards 2018.

The Best Immersive Experience of 2018

  1. VR_I (link)
  2. The Horrifically Real Virtuality (link)
  3. Spheres (link)

The Best Animated Experience of 2018

  1. Age of Sail (link)
  2. Battlescar (link)
  3. Isle of the dead (link)

Age of Sail VR XR Awards 2018

The Best Documentary Experience of 2018

  1. The Sun Ladies (link)
  2. The Real Thing (link)
  3. The Enemy (link)

The Sun Ladies - VR

The Best Immersive Game of 2018

  1. Beat Saber (link)
  2. Superhot VR (link)
  3. Pixel Ripped 1989 (link)

Beat Saber VR Game

The Best Immersive Event of 2018

  1. Venice VR (line up 2018)
  2. IDFA DocLab
  3. Sundance New Frontier (line up 2019)

Venice VR - Mostra

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