XR Podcast – The best of VRTL (spring-summer 2019)

XR Podcast – The best of VRTL (spring-summer 2019)

We can’t deny the way podcasts came back to be the most interesting contents online (our view) is incredible. We met with VRTL‘s team at Cannes last May, where they were official partner of the festival’s XR market, especially recording podcast shows with XR creators, producers and distributors. Since then we followed their work every week! Here is few shows of their XR podcast we selected. All of them are available here.

Bravo Justine, Pieter & the all team!

VRTL’s XR Podcast – Top 5

Gayatri Parameswaran (Home After War): “Tips on Filming VR in War Zones”

XR Podcast VRTL Academy

Matthieu Labeau (Starbreeze Studios): “How Gaming Clears the Path for Cinematic VR”

Lucas Rizzotto (Where Thoughts Go): “Push the Boundaries of VR/AR Storytelling”

Kane Lee (Chief Content Officer, Baobab Studio): On Bonfire and Celebrities

Yelena Rachitsky’s Search for Storytelling Treasure (Executive Producer for Experiences, Oculus)

Learn more about VRTL on their website, with their tools and online classes to master the new immersive storytelling. (link)

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