Venice VR 2019: What’s hot!

Venice VR 2019: What’s hot!

It’s no secret that the VR section of the Venice Biennale (or Mostra), directed by Liz Rosenthal and Michel Reilhac, is one of the year’s highlights for the immersive industry. Venice VR 2019 opens the ball in September, from August 29 to September 7, with one of the best VR experience selections of the year. We will cover the festival live. In the meantime, we are looking at the media coverage that is being done, as we did previously for others.

A media coverage: Venice VR 2019

Wolves in the walls - XR Annecy 2019 - Venice VR 2019

September, 8

Watch Venice VR 2019 Lineup On VRrOOm XR App (link)

Documentary on missing Chibok schoolgirls wins at Venice Film Festival (link)

September, 7

Loveseat: Birds and Bees and Multiple Realities (link)

Venice 2019 VR Dispatch: COSMOS WITHIN US Is Perhaps The Biennale’s Brightest Star (link)

September, 6

Cold war experiments and storybook monsters – back to Venice’s VR island (link)

September, 4

Virtual Reality Highlights from the 2019 Venice Film Festival (link)

September, 2

VR Film Screening in Venice Showcases World-Heritage Recognized Chengjiang Fossil Site (link)

Taiwan VR Productions Shine on Global Stage (link)

August, 31

Taiwanese VR films nominated for Venice Film Festival (link)

Taiwan on the Cutting Edge of Virtual Reality (link)

August, 30

Why Venice is embracing the VR sector (link)

Taiwan’s VR films rank among the best in the world (link)

Belgian startup LucidWeb launches VR content distribution platform at 76th Venice Film Festival 2019 (link)

‘Daughters of Chibok’ makes it to Venice Film Festival (link)

These Sleepless Nights, An XR Experience On Magic Leap One, Premieres at Venice Film Festival (link)

‘Daughters of Chibok’ screens at 76th Venice Film Festival (link)

AgitARt – Our Magic Leap Anti-Homelessness Project At Venice (link)

Augmented Reality Documentary ‘These Sleepless Nights’ Explores the US Homelessness Epidemic (link)

August, 29

Venice Gap-Financing Market Fields Wide Range of Projects (link)

August, 28

Taiwan Screens Record Number of VR Projects at Venice Festival (link)

Bristol immersive VR documentary to be shown at Venice Film Festival (link)

Alberto Barbera talks Venice logistics, VR and his future as artistic director (link)

Discovering VeniceVR 2019: an insight on Sublimation (link)

August, 27

First Look: Trailer for Venice-bound VR Experience ‘The Line’ (EXCLUSIVE) (link)

VR Competition Heats Up at Venice Festival (link)

August, 24

ANIME NEWS: VR ‘Ghost in the Shell’ ride to compete at Venice film fest (link)

August, 23

Taron Egerton and Lucy Boynton team up for virtual reality project (link)

Taron Egerton, Lucy Boynton to feature in virtual reality project ‘Glimpse’ (link)

August, 22

Taron Egerton, Lucy Boynton to Star in Virtual Reality Project ‘Glimpse’ (link)

Taron Egerton & Lucy Boynton Team Up for Virtual Reality Project ‘Glimpse’ (link)

Rocketman’s Taron Egerton joins ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ star Lucy Boynton for VR film (link)

August, 21

Venice Film Festival 2019: Brazilian Virtual Reality Film ‘The Line’ Competing For Award (link)

August, 20

Loveseat: A Theatrical Comedy VR Experience Taking Place in High Fidelity and at the Venice International Film Festival (link)

August, 9

Liz Rosenthal: “The Secrets Of Submitting Successful Immersive Projects” (link)

August, 7

‘Daughters Of Chibok’ Africa’s Only Virtual Reality Film To Make United States’ Film Festival (link)

August, 2

All of the French VR works at the Venice Film Festival (link)

July, 26

HTC Vive has Five Original VR Titles Chosen for the 76th Venice International Film Festival (link)

Venice Film Fest Shows Ghost in the Shell Ghost Chaser VR Work (link)

Five Taiwanese VR films nominated for Venice Film Festival (link)

July, 25

Biennale Venice 2019 ⎢ Virtual Reality (line up) (link)

Venice VR 2019: an overview (link)

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