Venice VR 2019: What’s hot!

Venice VR 2019: What’s hot!

It’s no secret that the VR section of the Venice Biennale (or Mostra), directed by Liz Rosenthal and Michel Reilhac, is one of the year’s highlights for the immersive industry. Venice VR 2019 opens the ball in September, from August 29 to September 7, with one of the best VR experience selections of the year. We will cover the festival live. In the meantime, we are looking at the media coverage that is being done, as we did previously for others.

A media coverage: Venice VR 2019

Wolves in the walls - XR Annecy 2019 - Venice VR 2019

August, 9

Liz Rosenthal: “The Secrets Of Submitting Successful Immersive Projects” (link)

August, 7

‘Daughters Of Chibok’ Africa’s Only Virtual Reality Film To Make United States’ Film Festival (link)

August, 2

All of the French VR works at the Venice Film Festival (link)

July, 26

HTC Vive has Five Original VR Titles Chosen for the 76th Venice International Film Festival (link)

Venice Film Fest Shows Ghost in the Shell Ghost Chaser VR Work (link)

Five Taiwanese VR films nominated for Venice Film Festival (link)

July, 25

Biennale Venice 2019 ⎢ Virtual Reality (line up) (link)

Venice VR 2019: an overview (link)

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